New cyber report seeks to change the conversation…and narrow the gap

Posted by Sashya D'Souza on Oct 11, 2018 9:31:08 AM
Sashya D'Souza

Source: TFI Newsletter October 2018 Edition 

In TFI’s recent talent report Unlocking the Human Opportunity: Future-Proof Skills to Move Financial Services Forward, we propose that the key to harnessing the most out of technology is to focus on people.  To that end, we introduced four core skills groups to help our members future-proof their workforces, regardless of how, and at what pace technology continues to evolve.

Similar core themes run through our latest talent report released this summer in partnership with Deloitte The changing faces of cybersecurity: Closing the cyber risk gap, which offers an innovative yet practical approach to addressing the growing global talent shortage in this business-critical function, with a focus on the Canadian landscape.

Demand for Cybersecurity Talent in Canada

talent graph cyber

Technology-led advancements - known as augmented security - will drive significant value for cybersecurity teams…but won’t be enough.  We believe that the key to closing the talent gap is to think differently about the problem.  

Enter a new cyber talent framework, one that groups core capabilities into seven personas, prioritizing transferrable capabilities over specific skills.  The framework provides a common reference point to understand and plan for changing talent requirements in the context of evolving technology, while at the same time making the cybersecurity profession more accessible and inclusive to a broader audience. 

talent personas-077911-edited

Seven Cybersecurity Personas

The report concludes with a comprehensive set of practical tactical recommendations that apply this cyber talent framework to help organizations build and leverage their cyber talent in a new, more sustainable way. For those organizations bold enough to lead the charge, we call you to action. 


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